Our Vision
- To establish as an excellent center of legal education. To strive for excellence and achieve the best.
- To make sure each student flourishes and excels in his academic and personal growth.
- To provide them an atmosphere of stress-free living where they can extract the best out of themself.
- To nurture the qualities of each student and develop the spirit of leadership, social responsibility, the deep sense of legal knowledge, and the idea of fair justice.
- To encourage and motivate students to participate in all legal activities so that they turn into confident people. 

Our Mission
- Educating students to be competent legal professionals in various streams of the profession.
- Contribute to the achievement of constitutional mandate.
- To empower students with knowledge and confidence & transform them into intellectual socially & morally responsible citizens.
- To make them courageous enough to meet the challenges of life. 

Self Development
Law is a powerful profession and has always attracted young men and women who are in College search of an adventurous career where one can make a mark in society, and indeed, can prosper, even while serving society. Many of our freedom fighters like Mahatma Gandhi and Sardar Patel belonged to the legal profession.
The Role of law as an instrument of social engineering is appreciated better now in the post-war world. New areas of law such as human rights, environmental law, the interface between law and science and technology, all began pointing to the insufficiency of traditional law, legal thinking, and legal education.
Future Plan 
1.To organize more Workshops and Conferences to understand the new way of teaching for better delivery of Legal service. 
2.To provide enrich Residential facility in campus for students. 
3.To provide Library facility to students till night. 
4.To be more equipped to meet the demands of changing time.
5.To organize refresher courses for faculties.
6.To enhance research publications newsletters students, faculty oriented activates.
7.To make better coordination with state legal service authority and district legal service authority in order to provide better exposure and training facility to students. 
8.Value Oriented Education: Mere education which does not end with imbibing of ethical values in a legal profession is of no use. Legal professional can’t forget their responsibility and role of upholding rule of law in the society. To achieve this, we need to focus on following points:
- Active involvement of students in legal aid center
- Increasing the number of legal aid camps and reaching out to the remotely situated people
- Developing awareness and interest towards conservation of environment
- Celebration of various days like Constitutional Day, International Women’s Day, etc. to inculcate respect for values of rule of law, gender equality.
9.Bridging the gap between classroom and courtroom: Student graduating should be well equipped to practice ably in the courtroom. The gaps in law in books and in action should be removed through measures like:
- Holding more moot court competitions
- Conducting diploma/certificate courses in Civil and Criminal Practice
10. Contributing towards legal development: The management believes that the college should play an important role in shaping the legal system of the country. There should be more involvement of students and faculties in suggesting new laws or improvement or lacunas in existing laws. For this following measures can be taken:
- More number of research projects to be undertaken by faculty/students
- Representing lacunas in existing laws to various organizations for proper action


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