LLB (Bachelor of Legislative Laws) is an undergraduate professional degree that is sought by students to get into a legal profession. LLB is abbreviated as Legum Baccalaureus, which means Bachelor of Laws. The course covers legal procedures, legal principles, ideals of corporate governance, and laws and regulations of countries. There are ample career options after LLB in India. 


LLB graduates can enter three major organs of the Government— Legislature, Executive and Judiciary. Perhaps, LLB opens the door to a wide set of opportunities that cannot be boasted by other career options.


Law students have various career options after B.A.LL.B or LL.B:

1) Advocate
2) Government Services
3) Legal Advisor
4) Judiciary 
5) Teaching
6) Legal Outsourcing
7) Private Companies
8) Legal Analyst
9) Legal Researcher
10) Higher Education: LL.M / Ph.D
11) Junior Law Officer 
12) JAG Entry (Indian Army)


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